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Cu-Ke-Thai Projects

“Human organizations have become treadmills. But they should be gardens. In which lives flourish, grow, fruit, and flower.”

 Umair Haque



Crisis response is not going to address systemic issues in the food system, nor generalised poverty and unemployment. We are also experiencing a measure of donor fatigue, and have not managed to raise the full one million rands required to do another food-pack round. Therefore, we have opted not to continue handing out food parcels or vouchers to all. Currently, food packs are going to all those who test COVID-positive or have to isolate and stay at home.

It is for these reasons the PHA Campaign’s way forward is Operation Cu-Ke-Thai:

Taking our inspiration from the self-sufficient food security and healthcare approaches in Cuba, Kerala and Thailand, we want to focus on building a communal state of being.

We revert to the work we were doing prior to Covid-19, that aligns with the campaign objectives, in particular:

  • providing support to the training, development and capacitation in the arena of food and farming

  • advocacy for and promotion of the progressive realisation of the right to food.

Accordingly, and because we believe this is a better long term spend, from 1 July we are going to spend six months on an intensive food garden, kitchen and healthcare drive in the PHA.  Your donations will be funding this project.



  1. our members live at the coalface of food insecurity and poverty, our projects must focus on addressing this long term.

  2. we can introduce more agency at the village level, by focusing on food kitchens, a food garden to supply this, and giving people the tools to tackle COVID via health promotion.

  3. A successful project that can roll out across all the villages of the PHA can bring permanent, long term change in a way that food charity cannot.





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Direct Deposit

PHA Food & Farming Campaign

Bank: FNB
Account no: 626 056 901 99

Branch: 250655

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

IBAN code: FIRNZAJJ 250655 626 056 90199


Essential Service Status:

Enterprise Number: K2017536099

Public Benefit Organisation number on request

Essential Service Status:

Enterprise Number: K2017536099

Vegkop Farm is a registered essential service provider. We are food compliant certified and have implemented special protocols during this crisis to ensure safety at all stages of handling.

Public Benefit Organization

[number on request] 

The PHA Campaign is a registered PBO with projects funded by the Heinrich Böel Foundation and Global Green Grants.

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