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The Watermans Farming Philosophy

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Vegkop Polyculture Farm is farming in the tradition of the Watermans of Camissa (Cape Town). Watermans farming has its roots in the rich tradition and culture of the Khoi communities of Camissa, who for hundreds of years lived and sourced their livelihoods and nourishment from the Camissa ecosystem- the land, rivers, wetlands, streams, aquifers, the indigenous plants and from animal husbandry.

Vegkop Farm follows in the tradition of the Watermans living off and of stewards of the land, given by the Creator as an ‘amana’ [trust and commons] in safe-keeping for future generations to come.

The Watermans farming philosophy is based on three principles;

1. Care for community

2. Care for the environment

3. Care for the youth by passing on knowledge and skills to foster self-reliance

At the root of the Watermans farming is the ‘waterdraaer’, the Cape Flats Aquifer- the source of life and sustenance for farmers, the farming community and of the city.

Watermans farming seeks to not live in or recreate the past but that history and our ancestors teach the way we address the challenges facing our community.

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