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Organic+ Farm Stall

On a hot but pleasant Monday on the 7th of February 2022, our farm took a major step and opened our humble roadside Organic+ Farm Stall. This is an exciting and daunting step for us. Before this, our work on the farm was centered on production unlearning and relearning, and on the way we developing our own set of farming principles based on indigenous and traditional farming, learning from other farmers who share our values, and through experiential knowledge- learning by doing, reflecting and improving. More about that for another blog.

Production first and market afterwards is what we chose to do- for better or for worse. I mean what good is a 'market' if we cant deliver on production! Our market for the last few years was walk-in customers- many of whom- interestingly we learnt- sent to us by doctors who want their patients to switch to organic vegetables, and via a Whatsapp customer group managed and delivered by Qaanita my wife, to the front door of family and friends. She loved it!

Now we are taking a step into the unknown. But now it's time to do the grown-up market thing. May the lessons roll!!

But why Organic+?

1. Organic+ Just Price: we believe organic food should be affordable to everyone and the price of our food is just to both customers and farmers; 2. Organic+ Farmer Justice: our farmers are historically disadvantaged women farmworkers. Our customers directly support their development and livelihood; 3. Organic+ Environmental Justice+: our customers are our partners who through their purchase directly support local food and farmers + the environment + the Philippi Horticultural Area foodlands + the Cape Flats Aquifer. That's a lot of plusses!

Visit our Organic+ farm stall and farm when you in the area. We in Schaapkraal Road 500m down the road from Lotus River Pick n Pay.

May the Almighty guide and protect us on this journey.

Check out more news from our Facebook page here

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