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I am aquifer, I am life

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I am aquifer

I am water

I am life

Do you know me?

I am everywhere

I am your bloodstream

I live in the soil beneath your feet

I live in the sea

Where salt don’t touch my water sweet

I live in wetlands around you

See my bullrushes reach for the sky

See the flamingos kiss me too

I am everywhere

Do you see me?

I am the mountain stream

I am the river

I am the spring

I water your lawn pretty flowers

I irrigate the crops that feed you

If only you knew, you’d raise me in towers

If only you knew

You would not drain me into the sea

You would not pollute me with concrete

Don’t you not hear the thirsty soil’s plea?

If only you knew

I am aquifer

I am water

I am life

I am, therefore you are


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