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Vegkop farm started its life as a test farm and farm model in agroecology in 2015.

The farm underwent an intensive soil rehabilitation process which coincided with the 2015 UN Year of the Soil
program. The soil was painstakingly cleaned of illegally dumped materials such as builder’s rubble, plastics, tyres and glass. Thereafter a cocktail of cover crops was planted to bring life back into the soil and to support of a healthy above ground ecosystem on the farm. This process took 12 months before crops were planted. The healing of the soil also reflected the healing of the farmers who re-invented themselves into the tradition of the Watermans of Camissa.

Today we measure farmer and farming progress through the organic matter in the soil- SOM. In 2015 the farm SOM was 0.5%. In 2018 it was measured at 2%. We reckon the sweet spot to be at is 6% across the farm. We working to accelerate soil building process by using compost, manures, and using techniques such as no-till, soil cover and capturing crop root residue in the soil. This process is called carbon sequestration which we think is a green weapon against climate  change. Vegkop farmers could be called climate defenders. We rather be known as soil farmers!

Take a picture tour of the farm now.

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